Rip Off

I don't like public transport at the best of times and I dislike the cost of it even more than my hideous fellow passengers. But the fact that this single train ticket to Stanstead Airport (with railcard) cost £5 more than my flight to Milan takes the piss. Yeah I'm flying RyanAir but surely it costs more to fly me to Milan, however many hundreds of miles, than it does for me to travel the 50 or so miles to the sodding Airport. Arggh. I don't even want to start on tube price increases. Boris, just bring back the routemasters then sod off. Thanks.

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I don't believe in horoscopes but...

Taken from the Daily Mail Weekend magazine. Yeah I know the Daily Mail is bad, but it was all that was available in the staff room at work. But back to the point, I don't think I have ever read my horoscope and it match exactly what's going on in my head right now. Wowza.

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A step in the right direction?

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Even i was a little bit nervous

Last night, as I promised to a long time ago, I took Pablo to watch a Liverpool game. It was against Arsenal at the emirates and that was the view from our seats. Its a toss up between our two favourite chants of the night. Either 'we pay your benefits' or 'shit on the cockneys, shit on the cockneys tonight'.

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I totally get this...

This was in this mornings (Wednesday) Metro. Rings a few warning bells. Anyone else think Metro is getting better? No? Ok .

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Some things from the last few days...

I came across this picture while reading for my dissertation. Don't you think he looks like Warboy? (The guy next to Gandhi that is)

This was the view from the lecture theatre i was in on Monday. Distracting much?

This made my day. Me and Iona have booked tickets for every show in town.

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Here goes...

I didn't think I would ever understand why anyone would want a blog. But since getting a blackberry I have constantly been thinking about how easy it is for people to have access to other peoples experiences and lives in general, often instantly, thanks to blogs and smartphones. I don't think my idea of blogging images of random places, people and stuff from my everyday life is an original one. But I do know that no one else in the world will ever see exactly what I see. I read blogs to see and read stuff that I don't in my life, so maybe people will do the same here?

Like I said, I'm intrigued by the idea of people being able to see what I do, almost immediately, so I am only going to blog from my blackberry, no matter how complicated it is.

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