Jeremy who?!

I was introduced to Guilty! at 4am on Thursday morning. The 90s equivalent to Jeremy Kyle, and in my opinion way better. Its hosted by the heinous Carole Malone. Look at it...

The show is a mock courtroom where the audience chant 'GUILTY GUILTY'. This chanting is also the theme tune.

With topics such as 'You're too old to bed too many men' and 'You're addicted to bingo' and amazing 90s outfits, it makes for compelling viewing. What more could you ask for at 4am and 6am on Sky3 weekday mornings?!

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  1. yeah, but no but,they never actually accuse anyone of something where the verdict is either guilty ir not guilty. It is never constructed as a question, ie This girl above cannot be guilty of her Mum ruining her life, her Mum can be guilty, but not her. Do you see what I mean. And the questions are never answered properly by the accused, Carole should be forcing them to answer, like a judge would. She is after all , supposed to be the judge. The people are the worst dregs of society and I want to smash the TV when I see this horrible show.