On my way. Just.

The most hassle ever getting through security for my flight to Milan. I suppose not surprisingly the security folks took a dislike to my Katie Eary DMs. I don't know what was funnier, the first woman suggesting that I use them to 'kick peoples heads in', or the second woman telling me that 'maybe next time I should put the toe cap on the inside of the shoe'. I thought about explaining the references to animal farm and that my boyfriend worked for the designer, but I really hate wasting my breath. Even more ridiculous is that I was told to have them in my bag next time, and not on my feet, and there wouldn't be a problem. Pfft.

Anyways, I am finally sat on the plane waiting to take off. Below you can see me view. To take that picture I had my phone about a centimetre from my face. Is it me or is head/body/leg space constantly decreasing on planes? I have the Evening Standard magazine and Gandhi's autobiography to occupy me, wonder which ill read first? I don't actually know how long the flight is though, and I'm getting increasingly stronger wafts of out of date fruit in my nostrils seemingly from the guy on my row. Thank god for the amazing aircraft ventilation system. NOT.

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