Bill Oddie and Kate Humble

Today i went on a nature walk with my friend Steph. This is where we went.

It even had a guide for what nature to look out for.

First we climbed this. There used to be a good old fashioned red spiders web climbing frame but now it looks a bit more war of the worlds.

Anish Kapoor in Warrington?

The sky was changing the whole time we were out. This is a good photo of that.

There seems to be a bordering on unhealthy obsession with Herons.

The next couple of pictures explain the Bill and Kate reference. These two guys loved us.

And this little chap should have been a contender for model of the year. He posed for ages. Georgia who?

Birds footprints on the ice on the canal. Probably a moorhen.

Then we - i mean I - watched these girls sledding from behind some bushes. Jealous.

This is an actual haunted house.

I had completely forgotten there was a maze.

Finally we found the centre. And took the portkey home.

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