Nigella and LADY LUCK are in the house.

YES. I managed to fix whatever drama was going on inside my phone and i found ALL my pictures. So here goes.

Tonight, off the top of my hair, i thought i would make dinner for my family. I was in tesco's and this guy just seemed to be calling out for me to take him home with me.

This was the ingredients before i just threw them all together just to see what happened.

This is my salmon sandwich filled with ricotta, spinach and mushrooms (you can't see them) before being cooked.

I think he looks better with a tan don't you? Mmmmmmmm. TASTY.

True to form my ungrateful little brother completely destroyed his portion before even eating it. I don't like cheese or vegetables he said (having earlier eaten a cheese and ham sandwich) as he scraped off all the bits with the most flavour.

It tasted amazual. SUCCESS.

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